9x9 Gallery is my online store where I sell watercolor paintings. Since the gallery was opened just two years ago, over 180 paintings have been sold. I only sell originals and keep prices low so everyone can own original art.

I started this project as a way to crystallize my thoughts about architecture and life in general. I paint late at night after long workdays and I let my thoughts come out as a stream of consciousness. Many of the paintings appear to me as visions and the rest of them start as abstract ideas. In some of the paintings, I am testing a hypothesis or trying to prove a point. The result of this exercise is what many people call speculative architecture. The themes I am exploring are form, materiality, architecture, environmentalism, nature, privacy, domesticity, and urbanism. For further information you can read this interview I did with ARCH-VIZZ.

"Submarine" watercolors on paper

"Cactus House" watercolors on paper

"Chaotic" Tigers watercolors on paper

"Alex Katz" watercolors on paper

"Hyabusa" watercolors on paper